Ghost Estates: Pathological Geographies

The Future State of Ireland: Pathological Geographies: The Materiality of the Global Financial Crisis


In this sixth episode of The Future State of Ireland series, Emma Cummins, independent writer and researcher and Co-ordinating Editor of City journal, explores  the proliferation of empty buildings and unfinished construction projects in Ireland and Spain that have  recently been re-categorised as ‘ghost estates’ or ‘ghost towns’.  She argues that these ‘ghost estates’ simultaneously reveal the problems of long waves of investment in the built environment and the interior pathology of capitalism. Further she questions the supposedly ghostly nature of these developments whilst suggesting that capitalism’s ‘destructive creativity’ is particularly visible in unfinished estates such as ‘Belmayne’ in Co.Dublin or ‘Ciudad Valdeluz’ in Guadalajara, Spain.

Throughout March, Emma Cummins will be curating The Future State blog around the theme of ghost estates. To know more contact emma.cummins1[at]