Crowdfund The Future State of Ireland 

A crowdfund project is running until 16 November to cover travel and accommodation costs for five contemporary Irish artists participating in The Future State of Ireland. You can help by pledging – click the link below.  Do at least log in and hit the ‘love it’ button to raise the project’s profile!

Support contemporary Irish artists


Christopher Rissler, Liz Moloney, Martina Rissler, Nicola Harte, Stefan Rissler, David Mungall, Laurence Doyle, Sara Stevenson, The London Irish Centre, Regine Rissler, Daniel Blunier, Emer Nolan, doggosaurus, Yvonne Leu, Stephen and Assumpta Feeney, Olive O’Driscoll, Helen O’Brien, Lori Burke, Judith Annett, Bryan Feeney.

Thank You

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Special thanks to the ever-patient Fergal Bunbury for the generosity he showed with his time, ideas and skills in logo design, marketing and branding.  Thanks fErG! Contact him on fergalbunbury[at] if you want his help.