LLC programme


Thursday 26 September

at Limerick City Gallery of Art

18.00 Opening Reception

at 69 O’Connell Street, Limerick

19.00 Screening THE FORGOTTEN SPACE (2010; Dir: Allan Sekula and Noel Burch) introduced by Mark Curran

Friday 27 September

at 69 O’Connell Street

09.30 Registration

10.00 Welcome Remarks Helen Carey, LCGA & Dr. Derval Tubridy, Goldsmiths, University of London and Future State

10.30 The Art Worker and Social Engagement panel

Dr Marilyn Lennon: Socially Engaged Art
Dr Gary Granville: Socially Engaged Art as Transformative Education
Dr Judith Stewart: The Worker-Artist: Searching for Aesthetic Logic Amidst the Means of Production

12.00 Keynote Deirdre O’ Mahony: Stratagies for Sustaining Rural Life: New Ecologies of Aesthetic Praxis

at Limerick City Gallery of Art – The Hub

13.00 Lunch session National Women’s Council of Ireland: Legacy Project

at 69 O’Connell Street

14.00 Performance Denis Buckley:  The Sword & the Phone

14.45 Representation Panel

Dr Andrea Binelli: Naturalization of the crisis through mass media discourse
Alison Snowball: Immaterealities of Dematerialisation in Contemporary Art and Finance
Dr. Michael G Cronin: Strumpet City and the historical novel as untimely critique

16.15 Keynote Professor Nicholas Mirzoeff: The Photographic Commons: Land and Freedom: After Slavery and Segregation

17.45 Break

18.00 Workshop Deirdre O’ Mahony T.U.R.F. Mind Meitheal

The Mind Meitheal is a cultural intervention – a creative space in which different forms of knowledge; tacit, place-based, environmental, ecological, cultural, political and social science, are given parity. By entering into a trans-disciplinary exchange process, participants creatively and openly engage with specific questions – in this instance the the conflict on the regulation and future use of raised bogs and peatlands in Ireland.

19.00 Close

Saturday 28 September

at Occupy Space, 9 Lower Cecil Street

10.30 Spatial Politics Panel

Lukáš Matoška: Demolishing the Past: Effacing Traces of Former Regime in the Public Space
Paul Tarpey: Silent production in the Transitioning Space of Limerick City 2013
Dr Fergus Jordan: Garden Estate

12.00 Keynote Dr Angela Dimitrakaki: Art, Production, Class

13.30 Lunch

14.30 Screening EUROPLEX (2003; Dir. Ursula Biemann and Angela Sanders) introduced by Dr Angela Dimitrakaki

15.00 Presentation: Future State and PRODUCTION ‘zine

15.45 Keynote Mark Curran: Capital At Work: Studying Up and the Construction of THE MARKET

17.15 Conference Close*


* For those who are staying in Limerick on Saturday night 20.00 Ormston House is hosting Visual Music a screening programme of short experimental film, exploring the intermedia collision of musical structures & abstract visual imagery, ranging from experiments in synchronising montage & hand-painted animation with music, to silent, geometric, synaesthetic works that seek to use rhythmic movement to create a ‘music for the eye’ comparable to the sensual effects that sound has for the ear.

20.00 Screening Ormston House Visual Music