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Limerick’s Georgian Quarter is one of the largest footprints of Georgian heritage in Ireland, and has much to offer as a potential heritage site.  However, with the recession in Ireland, it has become a little more faded and more of a relic of old decency than ever before.  It seems ripe for Artists and those interested in re-vitalising places to take over, and revive the heritage – so it is a great joy to have the LAND │LABOUR│CAPITAL conference using the heart of the Georgian Quarter.

One of the beauties about Limerick is that the grid-like Georgian Quarter makes it easy to navigate for the visitor and for Conference Attendees.  All the venues are within minutes of each other, very close to the train station and to all hotels which might be used by visitors, and in the case of the partner hotel for Limerick City Gallery of Art, where most of our guests stay through the year, the George Boutique Hotel is on to the main artery to the Georgian Quarter and the link with the opposite Medieval End of Limerick, O’Connell Street.

Limerick City Gallery of Art

Limerick City Gallery of Art is on Pery Square, at the corner of the People’s Park, being a park endowed to Limerick by Richard Russell and a perfect place for the Gallery, the site and the building of the former Carnegie Library.  It looks across at the Victorian and Georgian buildings that were once a byword for elegant living in bygone times, but still carry that sense of elegance.

Carnegie Building, Pery Square, Limerick.

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69 O’ Connell Street (previously Belltable Arts Center)

For the first day of the conference 69 O’Connell Street is the venue, with superb conference facilities, as it functioned as a small cinema as well as a multi-disciplinary Belltable Arts Centre, now Arts Centre up until recently.  It is under a transition at present and is perfect for the LAND │LABOUR│CAPITAL conference being about 5 minutes walk from the Gallery.

69 O’Connell Street,


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Occupy Space

Occupy Space has been an innovative artist-run space in Limerick for the last 5 years, when it operated out of a disused building at a time when more and more buildings have become vacant.  The poster-child of the Creative Limerick movement, Occupy Space has now a new place, and it too is on the grid of the Georgian Quarter at 9 Lower Cecil Street, again minutes from Limerick City Gallery of Art.  Information about the new space for Occupy can be found below.

No. 9, Lower Cecil Street, Limerick.

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