Keynote Speakers and Artists

Professor Roy Foster (Oxford); Mr Fintan O’Toole (Irish Times; Princeton); Dr Emer Nolan (National University of Ireland, Maynooth); Dr Elaine Byrne (Trinity College, Dublin); Troubling Ireland Think Tank (represented by Liz Burns of Firestation Artists’ Studios); Anthony Haughey (Artist; Dublin Institute of Technology); Kennedy Browne (collaborative art practice of Gareth Kennedy and Sarah Browne)


Topics can include but are not limited to:

What role can contemporary Irish culture play in questioning and guiding modes of governing and forms of civil responsibility?

Can a new space for dissent, critique, and activism open up in Irish life? 

Are accusations of citizen quiescence justified?

Do Irish citizens demonstrate resilience in crisis? Are there limits to citizen resilience?

What are the gender impacts of imposed austerity programmes?

Does Ireland have a new colonial master in the EU/IMF? Will new post-colonial complexes arise?

Is the migratory propensity of Irish citizens an act of resilience or an act of counter-colonisation?

What role can philosophy and critical theory play in coming to terms with crisis, building resilience and establishing a post-crisis state?

How has contemporary Irish writing responded to the crisis and what can it teach us about the resilience of Irish citizens?

Do small European countries like Ireland fare equally against larger EU players?  Is there more than simple acronym in the PIGS/ PIIGS label?

Is Irish civil society really tolerant of political corruption and cronyism and will it change?

Could Ireland’s class system, built largely upon access to university and professional career paths, affect and be affected by the post crisis state?

Has the traditional inclination towards land and property ownership been permanently disrupted by the property crash?

Is it enough for Ireland to change within the bounds of the existing socio-economic system or does it require a paradigmatic shift?

How could we visualise Ireland’s natural and architectural landscape in 2050?

In what ways has the relationship between North and South been reconfigured by the crisis?

What is the likely shape of Ireland’s future economic model?


Please submit proposals by 20 October 2012 to register[at] to include:

  • Name of author and institution (we welcome proposals from independent researchers)
  • Title of the paper
  • A 300 word abstract
  • Details of audio visual requirements
  • Indication of any enhanced access support needs
  • Proposals will be considered for inclusion in a follow up publication. If the proposal is not available for publication please indicate at the time of submission.