Troubling Ireland

The Future State of Ireland: Troubling Ireland (18 November 2012)


In this fifth episode of The Future State of Ireland series, Liz Burns, Arts Programme Manager at the Fire Station Artists’ Studios in Dublin, presents the aims and processes of Troubling Ireland, a Think Tank convened by Danish curatorial collective Kuratorisk Aktion. The Think Tank is a mobile mentoring programme for six Irish artists: Kennedy Browne, Helen Carey, Anthony Haughey, Anna Macleod, Augustine O’Donoghue and Susan Thomson.  It seeks to unravel, un-think and trouble given perceptions of Ireland and Irish history. It explores, in various locations of historical importance e.g. Collins Barracks, different thematics such as British plantation economy, class relations, Ireland’s colonization and division and the Celtic Tiger boom and bust, whilst also looking forward to potential future paths.

Troubling Ireland ran a poster campaign in Ireland in 2011 that reflected the Think Tank’s explorations through the various practices of each individual artist. The work of the Think Tank continues and an exhibition is planned for Autumn 2013 in Limerick City Gallery.  For more visit