Kennedy Browne: Far and Away

The Future State of Ireland: Kennedy Browne: Far and Away (17 November 2012)


In this fourth episode of The Future State of Ireland series, Irish artists Gareth Kennedy and Sarah Browne discuss the ideas that drive the collaborative art practice known as Kennedy Browne. They explain that their work seeks to investigate two different kinds of distance: distance between fact and fiction and distance between a particular place and a ‘no place’. Geography is therefore an important concern and they describe how they attempt to get inside the geography of contemporary capitalism and all its manifestations, within and outside Ireland. Kennedy Browne‘s work is also conscious of scripted narrative, language and translation and this is clearly evident in both its content and form. A visual presentation accompanies this podcast.

Kennedy Browne is currently exhibiting as part of the United States of Europe touring group exhibition, which will visit Ireland (Cork) in March 2013.