Fintan O’Toole: The Possibility of a Republic

The Future State of Ireland: Fintan O’Toole 17 November 2012


In this third episode of The Future State of Ireland series Fintan O’Toole, one of Ireland’s leading public intellectuals, imagines what future possibilities lay ahead for Ireland.  He explores a predicted future that did not come into being, a ‘home rule’ by Germany in the event of its victory in World War I, but asserts that it has in fact now come into being in the form of a ‘fiscal home rule’. He proposes that Ireland is a republic in name only, if at all, because it has failed to live up to the cornerstones of the ideology of republicanism and points out that a declaration of a republic is not enough; one must also live out the conditions. He finishes by offering two alternative future states of Ireland.  What will it be? For more read Up the Republic!: Towards a New Ireland.