Professor Roy Foster: Ireland Past and Present: Radical Perspective

The Future State of Ireland: Professor Roy Foster 17 November 2012


In this second episode of The Future State of Ireland series, Professor Roy Foster, Carroll Professor of Irish History at the University of Oxford and a Fellow of Hertford College, advocates a sense of history for understanding of the post Celtic Tiger crisis and Ireland’s future direction.  He encourages us to go ‘back behind hindsight’ in order to dismantle the canonical version of any event including Ireland’s recent history because, he says, ‘what happened is not often as we think it was’. He warns against the assumption of Irish quiescence and cites examples of Ireland’s ease in accepting radical sweeping change compared to, say, Great Britain, asserting that Irish visual arts, drama and history have exactly the potential for radicalism and resistance. This is a thought-provoking lecture by one of Ireland’s greatest ‘insiders-outsiders’, brought to you by The Future State.