Conference Welcome Address

The Future State of Ireland: Welcome Address 17 November 2012


In this the first podcast of The Future State of Ireland series, Dr Derval Tubridy, Senior Lecturer in Visual Cultures and in English at Goldsmiths, University of London sets the scene for The Future State of Ireland conference, and explains why we must consider cultural responses in order to gauge the effects of a traumatic transition from Celtic Tiger prosperity to post bail out austerity. She stresses that cultural responses are vital as they allow us “to take the temperature of social opinion; to find out how people are thinking” and cites artists and collectives such as Kennedy Browne, Anthony Haughey and Troubling Ireland. She surveys the current intellectual discourse that surrounds the Irish crisis, referencing the work of many of the keynote speakers including Fintan O’Toole, Professor Roy Foster, Professor Luke Gibbons and Dr Elaine Byrne.

Dr Tubridy later published a complementary blog in the Huffington Post.