Sarah Browne – Diabolic Loop

Sarah Browne: Diabolic Loop


Artist Sarah Browne,  who presented work at The Future State of Ireland conference as part of collaborative art practice Kennedy Browne, currently has a solo exhibition on at Galway Arts Centre titled Diabolic Loop.  This refers to an economic theory that proposes the model of a negative feedback loop as a way to explain the aggravated relationship between weakened European banks and sovereign states. The works in the exhibition attempt to unpack and make material some of these analogies derived from technological processes.

Sarah Browne’s research-based practice centres on the production, distribution and use of particular objects in different situations and locales. She uses the peculiar status of the art object, and its uncertain purpose, as a hinge to lever discussions about economy, value and politics.

Browne’s approach is rooted in documentary, operating from a principle of ‘critical proximity’ and adopting methods from the social sciences. Flexible in form, the work invokes a variety of problematic documentary strategies, communicating the role of emotion and affect in the development of new forms of social imagination.

Diabolic Loop December 7, 2012–January 27, 2013
Galway Arts Centre 47 Dominick St, Galway, Ireland Hours: Monday–Saturday, 10–6pm